360° Eng. 

360° financial coaching by Caroline B.

For autonomy and success in your financial and asset management in France

-  You're interested in crypto currencies and want to know more about them ?

- You need a second opinion on banking vehicles and financial products in France ?

- You wish to protect your family and don't know what French law implies and how it can benefit you ?

- You want to buy a home but are unfamiliar with the French real estate process ?

- You consider getting settled with a partner,  separated or divorced but don't know what the financial and banking consequences in France will be ?

If you recognize yourself in these questionings, Caroline B., financial, real estate and international banking expert, can accompany you on this journey to become autonomous in your financial planning and investing in France.

Competencies domains

- stock markets and crypto currencies

- asset management and estate management

- alternative investments : art, philanthropy, private equity, financial real estate ...

- retirement planning, financial planning

- personal, real estate and patrimonial lending

- private banking

- union with a partner, divorce and separation financial impact

My values and commitment

- confidentiality

- integrity

- active listening

- trust building

- design thinking

- pragmatism

How do I work ?

- I ask your strong questions to have you react and speak from your "guts"

- I invite you to get a 360° view of your personal, professional and family situation and position yourself on that chess board

- I draw a synoptic of your patrimonial situation and your revenues and charges

- I suggest you a choice of values to help you clarify and select yours

- I help you consider different avenues and solutions to challenge you

- Together, we establish a "flight schedule and itinerary" with various deadlines 

- Together, we identify and evaluate the risks associated, and manage them

- Then you can connect with your professional law and banking councellors to translate your decisions into action